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As we have clients throughout the United States, we are fully versed in communicating through electronic media.   Take a look around our site and give us a call when you are ready for more information.  810-720-5715

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Experienced, Comprehensive Billing


Our Michigan based medical billing services will improve your cash flow. We have national medical billing services from Michigan to Washington DC.  We also have excellent medical coding services by Registered Medical Coders.  Our coders can tear apart an operative report for highest reimbursement.

Spectrum's medical billing service meets or exceeds 98% clean claims as measured by the commercial clearinghouse TriZetto. Less than 2% of our initial claims are rejected or pended.  "We believe one of the keys to a physician's financial success is an immediate response to questions or concerns. Simple as that sounds in this very complicated healthcare industry, and particularly as it relates to billing, an immediate response with the appropriate answer is very hard to come by. This leaves the physicians in the position of working harder and harder for less and less income. We can turn that around in very short order, increase your income, decrease your expense, and help you to achieve the results you desire." Kareo, our practice management system's "editing and scrubbing" capabilities, coupled with our instruction and oversight, will result in faster, compliant and increased cash flow!


The Highest Standards

  • Medical Billing Service from Michigan to Washington DC!
  • We are proud to contribute to a physician’s success by turning the provider’s services into cash revenue & detailed information from which to manage the physician’s practice and financial success. Spectrum is a medical/surgical billing co. with different levels of service technology & support dependent upon the specific needs of the client.
  • We don't get paid unless you do!


Services We Offer

A Full “Spectrum” of Medical Billing Services
is available depending upon the “life cycle” of the practice, the physician’s specialty, office needs, staff competency & the provider’s comfort level with IT & systems. On one end of the “Spectrum,” we can provide complete data entry of demographics and charge information, on the other end we are able to completely interface with your EHR system.

Client Payments




  • Spectrum Billing Technologies, LLC was founded in 1999. We currently serve employed physicians for Michigan hospitals, many self-employed independent physicians and physician practice groups. Our Michigan-based company, Spectrum Billing Technologies, LLC, was created as a physician service company to provide medical business office technologies and financial services for physician practices. We provide this technology and our services to independent physicians, group practices and hospitals that employ physicians. 

  1. Does Spectrum use certified coders?
    YES. We employ certified coders utilizing “State of the Art” coding reference technology. We educate our providers and staff consistent with uniform coding compliance to optimize reimbursement based upon medical necessity. We work closely with the office to make certain that the medical record documentation supports the billing submitted and that all billable services are captured. 
  2. What specialties does Spectrum serve?
    Having been employed by and contracted with large health systems and many private doctors, there are very few specialties that we have not served. 
  3. Does Spectrum utilize electronic processing?
    YES. Our billing system utilizes electronic claim processes. Remittance files are received from insurance companies daily. Monthly reports are delivered electronically via email. We are able to take electronic feeds from hospital systems for patient demographics and billing data.
  4. How are rejections and denials handled?
    Our system, KAREO,  has very robust editing capabilities that highlight those claims that are not “clean.” According to TriZetto (aka Gateway), Spectrum consistently submits clean claims more than 98% of the time. The remaining unpaid claims are worked to completion on an efficient schedule that improves cash flow on your behalf. 
  5. How do you handle patient balance collection?
    Spectrum assists the office personnel with techniques to identify the patient’s co payment and deductible requirements for collection at the time of service. Our system identifies the current unpaid patient balance for collection at check out, and provides an opportunity to offer a reminder when appointments are made on the phone. When patient balances do occur, Spectrum mails a designated # of statements (determined by the client) requesting payment. Your patient call us, not your busy staff, for questions regarding statements.  Our customer service staff is able to take credit cards and make payment plans on behalf of our physicians’ clients.
  6. Is your system web based, HIPAA Compliant & Secure?
    The Kareo system resides in a fully certified HIPAA compliant data center located underground in Brentwood, Tennessee. Power to the data center is supported by a sophisticated battery and generator system. Power connectivity is maintained by using three different major power grids in tandem with one another backed up by a large generator. Spectrum and its clients access Kareo’s software via a secure high speed internet connection thereby allowing Spectrum to offer its software coupled with our expertise and billing/coding as a service to physician offices.
    7. How often is your system upgraded and what is the cost of these upgrades?
    Software Enhancement Always “Refreshed”
    Kareo has excellent computer engineers and programmers that understand our business. There are no new “versions” to regularly purchase, “migrate” to, or train for….Kareo offers its system on Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery basis that continually provides advanced technology without the constant cost of expensive software and hardware updates.  The system is capable of more frequent and less intrusive updates than other traditionally deployed systems. Kareo is never obsolete or lagging behind in enhancements or versions.  There are no additional costs for upgrades or enhancements.

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